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Cosmos flowers seed (Hoa cánh bướm)

Vietnamese below (Tiếng Việt ở bên dưới)

The meaning of cosmos flowers:

  • The most important cosmos flower meaning comes from its name. The Greek word ‘kosmos’ represents the world and order. Greeks believed that the world was in perfect harmony. So, the Spanish explorers who gave this flower the name of cosmos should have been very fascinated by its harmonious petals. Cosmos flower represents harmony and order. They also symbolize peace and tranquility.
  • In the language of flowers, cosmos is the symbol of love and innocence. Other cosmos flower meanings include beauty, balance, modesty, joy
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    Steps to grow cosmos flowers from seed

    Step 1: Send wishes and positive energy for the flower seeds

    Step 2: When growing cosmos in pots, make sure the container has bottom drainage holes. Cosmos can’t handle overly wet, soggy soil. Plan on growing one cosmos plant per gallon of your container. If growing in pots, do not enrich the soil, it makes the plants grow tall, leggy, and droopy. Also, tall varieties will need staking in containers. At the very least, plan on using at least a heavy, 12-inch diameter container.

    Step 3:

    Cosmos is an annual. If left outside in frosty temperatures, they will die. However, at the end of the growing season, if you allow the dead flower heads to drop their seeds, cosmos seeds will go dormant and sprout when the soil warms up again in the spring.

    If you have a potted cosmos in a container and want to keep your cosmos alive over the winter season, you will need a bright full sun growing lamp for at least 7 hours a day. You will need to snip off any blooms as they form. This plant’s life cycle ends with flowering when it drops its seeds for the next growing season.