Happy bees, fine honey

"From bees to dreams, we build a legacy of conservation, empowerment, and enlightenment.
Karuna Eco-Bee: honey with a purpose."


Karuna educational bee farms

Do you know that?

  • Bees population is in decline and on the verge of extinction because of climate change, land use change, loss of habitats and the use of chemicals in cultivation. According to European Commission, about a third of bee and butterfly population is declining and 10 % of bee and butterfly species are endangered. 
  •  In addition, chemical residue in honey on the market gives us an alarming,  adulterated honey found popular. According to Mitchell Weinberg, a New York based food fraud investigator testes nine honey jars of UK supermarket, 8 of 9 samples indicated adulteration.   
  • Meanwhile, indigenous people living near National Forests and Conversation in Vietnam still struggle with their economic life. Their life depends on the forest  sources such as hunting and cutting trees. Also, they hardly sell their products (honey) on the market 

That's why Karuna educational bee farms founded, we have

Provide high quality bees related products

Our bees are natives bees


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